Online Fund Transfer in Nepal- Effortless Money Movement with Fonepay Direct

Who would have imagined that sending money from one device to another would be as simple as dialing a phone number.

The digitalization of payment in Nepal can be defined as pre- Fonepay era and post- Fonepay era and it’s not even an exaggeration.

The arrival of Fonepay marked a turning point in transition to  digital payments in Nepal, redefining the way people make payments.

Fonepay has always been innovative in their approach in terms of service offerings.

Among different products/services of Fonepay, Inter-Bank fund transfer which goes by the name as “FONEPAY DIRECT” service, is the one! It is basically the process of transferring money from one bank account to another using a mobile banking application.

Now let us walk you through the journey explaining how this service has made everyone’s life easy.

Fonepay Direct

There are three ways people can use the Fonepay Direct service.

  • By transferring the money from one bank account to another bank account via ‘Account number’.
  • By transferring the money from one bank account to another bank account via ‘Mobile number’.
  • By transferring the money from one bank account to another bank account via ‘Personal QR Codes'. 


After the launch of this service, people got away from the tedious journey to the bank counters for cash withdrawals. They were no longer bound by the necessity of meeting someone in person to hand over money. They embraced a welcome change in their life where funds effortlessly transferred through their smartphones. All they had to enter was the bank account number of the recipients. 

Send Money Through Mobile Number

Even after solving such significant problem, Fonepay stretched IBFT service to one step further. Now, individuals no longer need to inquire about the recipient's bank account Number. Instead, they can effortlessly send money through the recipient's mobile number.

Why Fonepay Direct?

Instant: Whether you're making payments or splitting the cost of lunch, send money to someone directly to their bank account within a matter of seconds.

Convenient: Sending money through Fonepay Direct is extremely convenient. It only takes a few taps on your smartphone. No additional application installation is necessary, as Fonepay Direct is already integrated into your banking application.

Secure: Fonepay Direct ensures a high level of security for your transactions. The service utilizes encryption and advanced security measures to protect your financial information and prevent unauthorized access.

How to transfer money using Fonepay Direct?

Step 1: Login to your mobile banking app.

Step 2: Navigate ‘Send Money’ section and tap on ‘fund transfer’.

Step 3: Choose the option of sending money to either ‘same bank’ or ‘other bank’.

Step 4: Choose the option of sending money via ‘Using Recipient’s Mobile Number’ or ‘Using Recipient’s Account Number’ or “Via uploading Recipient’s QR”

Step 5: Fill the required amount & other fields and tap on ‘proceed’

Step 6: Enter transaction PIN or use your biometric to execute the transfer.

Fees involved in using Fonepay Direct

For each transaction, a charge of Rs 10 is applicable, but only when the sender's bank differs from the recipient's bank. Notably, if both the sender's and recipient's bank accounts belong to the same bank, there is no fee associated with this service.

As we bid farewell to the era of long queues and bank counters, Fonepay Direct emerges as a beacon for transferring instant, convenient and secure payments from one bank account to another bank account. The step-by-step guide provided above ensures a user-friendly experience, empowering individuals to send money with ease. The high-level security measures, encryption, and biometric features assure users that their financial information is in safe hands.

What Next?

Exciting times lie ahead for Fonepay as it ventures into new frontiers of innovation. Brace yourselves for an upcoming game-changer: 'Interbank Fund Transfer for Businesses.' This visionary move by Fonepay is set to revolutionize how businesses transfer payments among themselves. The same instant, convenient, and secure fund transfers that individuals have come to enjoy will soon become a reality for businesses. 

More about “Interbank Fund Transfer for Businesses” in our future blogs. Stay tuned.