Benefits of Fonepay Business App

Low cost Infrastructure

Easy access to your settlement information

Interoperable QR code

Notification on each transaction


Facilitates Full/Partial Refund

Effortless Settlements

Facilitates secondary number for SMS alert

Push & Pull based transaction

Generate dynamic QR

Facilitates offline payments

Facilitates offline payments

Fonepay Business App

Streamline payments, refunds, verify transactions and more with the Fonepay Business app.

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Your one stop financial app, one QR code to accept any payment apps.

Download Fonepay Business App and get started!

Download Fonepay Business App and get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fonepay Business app?

How do I self-register myself as a merchant?

How do I initiate a refund to the users?

How can I check payments received and settled?

Can Merchants also be offline while accepting foneTAG payments?