Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our comprehensive FAQs to enhance your Fonepay experience and ensure smooth, secure transactions at your fingertips.

What is Fonepay QR?

How can you use Fonepay QR?

Is it safe to use Fonepay QR?

How merchant can install Fonepay QR in their businesses?

Banking apps that support Fonepay QR?

Are there any fees involved in using Fonepay QR?

How do I get notified about my transaction?

How can merchants check payments received and settled? 

What is Fonepay Direct?

How can I send money using Fonepay Direct?

What are the different ways of sending money using Fonepay Direct?

Is Fonepay Direct safe to use?

Are there any fees involved in using Fonepay Direct?

Does Fonepay Direct offer a Fonepay Points like Fonepay QR?

Banks that support Fonepay Direct?

What if I encounter a problem with Fonepay Direct?

What is Fonepay Bills?

How can I purchase airline tickets using Fonepay Bills?

How can I pay electricity bills through Fonepay Bills?

How can I pay Internet bills through Fonepay Bills?

What is Fonepay App?

How can I log in to Fonepay App?

What is Bank Link or Account Link?

How can I link my Bank Account or Wallet?

My Account Link is unsuccessful. What can be the reason?

Can I link multiple accounts? What should I ensure for successful account links?

I have multiple Bank Accounts, but their mobile banking numbers are different. Can I link them all?

Are there any charges associated with the App?

Will Fonepay App have access to my bank account details if I link accounts?

Transaction limit when I make payments from Fonepay App?

Can I see statements? Will it show all the statements even after I unlink bank?

Do I get Fonepay points paying from fonepay app whether it’s online or offline?

Can I make HUB Payments from Fonepay App?

What is FoneTAG?

What is “Offline Token”?

How can I enable offline payments?

How can I make offline payments?

What is NFC tag? 

What is Customer Presented QR?

Is FoneTAG or Customer Presented QR Safe?

How do I know if a merchant accepts offline payment?

What is Fonepay Business app?

How do I login to Fonepay Business app?

How do I self-register myself as a merchant?

What should I do if I forget my username?

What should I do if I forget my password?

How do I initiate a refund to the users?

How do I receive payments?

How can I check payments received and settled?

Can I download my payments statements through this app?

Can I download payment statements by date range?

What is Two Factor Authentication?

What is the purpose of Two Factor Authentication?

How can I enable Two Factor Authentication in Business App?

What are the differences between “OTP” and “TOTP”?

Is there any fees or charges that I have to pay to get enrolled in this app?

Can I use the same credentials for another business?

Can Merchants also be offline while accepting foneTAG payments?

What are various ways of receiving Offline Payments?

What is FoneTAG?

How do I receive the payment through FoneTAG in Business App?

What is Customer Presented QR (CPQR)?

How do I receive the payment from Customer presented QR (CPQR)?

How do I enable Offline Payments – FoneTAG or CPQR in my app and POS device?

Can I scan customer presented QR (CPQR) through POS device?

Is there any transaction limit to receive payment through CPQR and FoneTAG features?