Fonepay Football Fever!!!! - Banner Image

Fonepay Football Fever!!!!


Want to have a thrilling World Cup experience this Football Season??


Thanks to yet another exciting campaign from Fonepay, you can enjoy this World Cup on a brand-new 65-inch TV.


All you have to do is pay your TV and internet bills through the online payment section of your mobile banking app.


Not only that, but with every QR transaction or Fund Transfer using Fonepay, you are eligible to win a foosball table, as we are giving away four sets of Foosball tables to four fortunate winners.




Eligibility Criteria

No. of Winners

Brand New 65” TV

2nd  Mangsir to 21st Mangsir 2079

Users paying their TV or internet bills via the online payment section of their mobile banking app

1 Lucky winner


Foosball Table


4th Mangsir to 2nd Poush 2079

Users initiating QR transactions or Fund Transfer during the campaign period

Merchants accepting QR transactions during the campaign period


4 Lucky winners


How to Participate?


For a Brand new 65” TV


Step 1: Accept World cup TV or ISP Challenge from the Fonepay App (

Step2: Login to your Mobile Banking App

Step 3: Navigate to your Online Payment Section

Step 4: Select the TV or ISP icon or World cup Package

Step 5: Choose your Providers and the Package

Step 6: Proceed for payment with no hassle

Woohoo!!! you are now eligible for a lucky draw to win Brand new 65” TV


For Foosball Table



Step 1: Accept World cup QR or Fund Transfer Challenge from the Fonepay App

Step 2: Log in to your Mobile Banking App

Step 3: Click on the Scan Icon

Step 4: Scan the Merchant’s QR

Step 5: Fill in the details and proceed with the payment



Step 1: Ask the customer to make payment via Fonepay QR

Step 2: Receive and confirm payment


Terms and Condition


 1 . The contest is only valid to citizens of Nepal who are 18 years or above, except the employees of F1Soft International and its advertising and promotion agencies.

2. This campaign is a mere promotional event and is not a lottery, betting, or gambling under the prevailing laws of Nepal.

3. The campaign is valid from 2nd  Mangsir 2079 to 21st Mangsir 2079 for the 65-inch TV and from 4th Mangsir 2079 to 2nd Poush 2079 Foosball table.

4. To be eligible for participation to win the brand new TV, the users have to pay their TV or internet bills via the online payment (HUB payment) section of their mobile banking app. The participants have to accept and complete the challenge from the challenges screen of the Fonepay app.

5. To be eligible for participation to win foosball table, users must initiate QR transactions via the mobile banking apps and wallets of fonepay-associated BFIs. Similarly, merchants have to accept transactions through Fonepay QR. A total of 4 winners will win the foosball table, where 1 winner will be announced every week. Among the 4 winners, two winners will be selected from the user side and the other 2 from the merchant side. For the user segment; the participants have to accept and complete the challenge from the challenges screen of the Fonepay app.

6. The transactions done before and after the mentioned campaign date will not be eligible for participation.

7. The Winners will be announced through our social media platform.

8. The decision of the organizer will be final and binding with regard to contests and prizes and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

9. Notification of the winner status must be kept confidential until the winners are publicly revealed by the Fonepay or the Winner’s Prize may be forfeited as per the Fonepay’s decision.

10. The Prizes are personal to the Winners and are not transferable and cannot be sold under any circumstances. In case the announced winner doesn't receive calls and texts within 48 hours, the prize will be void. The winners should collect the prizes within 20 working days after the communication from Fonepay.

12. The winner must bring his/her identification certificate (citizenship/passport) to claim the prize. In case any other person claims the prize on behalf of the winner, both the winner’s and representative’s identification certificates shall be brought along.

13. The winners agree to the use of their name and image in any publicity material, as well as their entry. Any personal data relating to the winner will be used solely in accordance with current Nepal data protection legislation.

14. No cash payment will be made in lieu of the Prize.

15. Fonepay reserves the right to change/modify/or withdraw the Contest without any prior notice of the same at its sole discretion. In case of any Suspicious activities, Fonepay reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions or terminate the campaign without any prior notice.

16. The organizer shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to Act of God, Governmental actions, or other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation or otherwise for any such loss.

17. The prize handover will be done within 45 business days from the winner’s announcement.

18. The winner shall bear any tax implications that may arise from the Prize winnings.

19. By participating in this Contest, a Participant unconditionally and irrevocably accepts and agrees to be bound by all these terms and conditions as stated herein at all times without any exception, and in case of any disputes regarding the campaign, Fonepay’s decision will be the final one. It is assumed that the participant has read the terms and conditions and shall be held responsible in case of violation of the same.