fonepay Offer App 2.0

Are you excited to step further to explore the new updates & features with better experience of fonepay Offer App v2.0? Well, let’s together experience the latest features of the fonepay Offer App. So, if you have not downloaded the app or have the app already, go ahead & unlock the new version


What can you expect with fonepay Offer App 2.0?

Along with a lot of exciting deals & benefits of being a fonepay user with the new version, you can enjoy general offers, generate promo codes or redeem offers with your fonepay points.


1. General offers: These are discounts that users explore via the fonepay Offer App & enjoy at the merchant stores or events without having to generate promo code nor redeem with the fonepay points.


2. Promo Code feature: To claim such offers, you need to click on the offers listed in the fonepay Offer App & generate a promo code.



3. Redeemable offers: For redeemable offers, you need to use your fonepay points to enjoy the listed offer. The “Redeem with fonepay points” pops up & promo codes will be generated.



*Note: All the above mentioned offers need to be claimed at the merchant stores, or events before the bill is printed. 


To our new users, here’s the complete guide!

1. Download the Offer App

2. Click Sign Up

3. Enter your mobile number and click “Next”

4. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number and click “Next”

5. Enter your Name, Email Address, Username, and click “Continue”

6. Set password and click “Complete”

7. Welcome to the offer app, your gateway to exclusive offers!


Whereas, the existing users can follow the below mentioned steps to get started.   

1. Enter your Mobile Number/ Username & click login

2. Enter the OTP sent in your Mobile Number & click next

3. Full Name & Email gets auto generated & you need to add username 

4. Agree on terms & policy & update!

5. Set Up a password & click complete 

6. Congratulations! The doors of offers have unlocked, Welcome!

7. Click on continue, you’ll get redirected to the Login screen.

8. Your Mobile Number gets auto generated & click on Login 

9. Enter Password 

10. Enable Biometric & tada you have logged in to your account.


With the new version, you can enjoy various offers in the following ways.

1. Log in to Offer App

2. In the Home Screen, click on the offer you want to redeem or generate the promo code

3. Click on “Redeem with ** Fonepay Points” OR “Generate Promo Code” at the bottom of the screen. 

4. Click on “Continue”

5. Tada! You have a promo code for the discount. 

6. To view your Offer Promo Codes, go to the bottom of the Home Screen and view the list of Offer Promo Codes.


So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download to unlock the upgraded version of fonepay Offer App's all enjoy the amazing deals sitting right there in our pockets.