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Payment Processing
platform for Nepal

14+ million customers from 55+ banks pay digitally and directly from their bank accounts using Fonepay that connects consumers, banks and merchants in an interoperable network to facilitate mobile/digital payments.

We Enable Nepal to Go Digital

We enable over 14 million users to make digital payments through Fonepay. We are leading the digital transformation of the Nepali economy. Fonepay comes integrated with more than 55 partners bank’s mobile/interbanking systems and digital wallets along with a large and growing network of merchants.

We transform lives & businesses with our innovative products and services.

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Apart from enabling secure digital payments, Fonepay is making lives easier for businesses by providing tools to track, analyse and visualize their business transactions. We are making breakthroughs with innovative products which is transforming the digital payment infrastructure of the country.


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For Business

Whether you’re a small business owner or a manager at a corporation, Fonepay makes it easy to accept payments and connect with customers.

Fonepay has products and services that enable small businesses to accept digital payments. Corporates can perform financial transactions from existing billing softwares without logging into a separate portal.

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For Partners

With Fonepay you can provide your customers incentives. Your customers can make hassle free payments through our ever expanding network of 500,000 Merchants and 14 million customers from 55+ BFI’s.

The banking and financial services industries have been undergoing rapid changes due to advances in technologies, change in customers’ preferences and urge to go cashless. Fonepay can enhance the service provided by financial institutions to its customers.

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For Users

Fonepay comes integrated with your Mobile Banking App. It will make your payments and fund transfer simple, secure and affordable. With its advanced future proof technology, Fonepay is making your payment experience simple. It is an alternative to traditional cash and card-based systems.

Since Fonepay is PCI DSS certified and is licensed from Nepal Rastra Bank, Fonepay follows a strict security and safety standards followed by all international payment service operators. Fonepay believes in making your payment experience, Easy, Simple and Secure.