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Workshop - Biratnagar Session

On the 19th of Jestha, 2080, the Fonepay Business Academy orchestrated a "Workshop on Fundamentals of Payment Service Programs and Customer Service Handling" at Nepalirika Hotel in Biratchowk. This workshop was meticulously designed for member Banks and Financial Institutions hailing from Koshi Province.

Gathering a total of 50 participants from diverse BFIs, the workshop witnessed a palpable sense of enthusiasm and a deep-seated eagerness to learn. Held on a Friday, the event aimed to acquaint attendees with both the current and forthcoming Fonepay products and services, while also furnishing them with effective techniques for managing customer inquiries.

The workshop kicked off with spirited games that invigorated all present, setting a vibrant tone for the day's proceedings. Recognition and rewards were duly bestowed upon winners, further amplifying the positive atmosphere. Participants utilized sticky notes to articulate queries, each of which was thoroughly addressed and supplemented by demonstrations on the acquirer portal.

The program concluded with closing remarks, followed by the distribution of certificates. Departing with enriched insights into Fonepay products, participants left poised to augment their professional acumen and proficiency in efficiently serving customers.