Payment made simple with QR Code Scan

Fonepay Merchant App is a QR based payment solution for your business through which your customers can easily pay you by scanning a single QR Code through their Bank’s Mobile Banking App or eSewa App.

Accept payments without cash or credit cards and transfer it directly into your bank account. Also, gain reward points through the transactions and redeem exciting gifts and offers.

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Why use the fonepay Merchant App for your business?

Easily receive money
directly in your

You can instantly transfer full/ partial amount to your Bank using Transfer to Bank option. Auto- withdraw option can be turned on or off as per your convenience requirement.

Fonepay Real time Dashboard Filter Option

Visually track your

Fonepay Merchant App allows businesses to easily track their information through interactive dashboard and portal with multiple filter options viz. trace ID, PRN number, date, initiator number, sub merchant user name, terminal ID, issuer bank and status transactions can be reconciled and refunded from anywhere at any time. Payment reports can be extracted to excel or pdf files from the panel as many as times as required.

Get your own static dynamic QR code in Fonepay

Get your own static &  
dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR with your transaction amount and remarks can be generated from the panel itself which can be scanned by your customers for instant payment, instant notification and better reconciliation.

Fonepay Sub-Merchant Management


Do you have branches or many point of sale terminals? Merchant Panel with sub merchant management gives you a handful of tools to control access of your sub-merchants. Sub-merchants can login to their panel separately that shows transactions made from their terminal only. Refund Access can be controlled by the main merchant panel itself.

Fonepay Same Day Settlements Feature

Same Day Settlements

Gone are the days where you have to wait two or three days to realize the transacted amount in your bank account. You can instantly transfer a full/ partial amount to your Bank using the Transfer to Bank option. Auto- withdraw option can be turned on or off as per your convenience requirement.

Secured with 2
Factor Authentication Panel/ App (2FA)

All the QR code-based transactions are secured with two factor authentication adopted by your Bank’s Mobile Banking App and eSewa App. Receive transactions digitally and secure your merchant app/ panel with 2 Factor Authentication Security Enhanced Feature. This feature provides OTP/ Authenticator password security features for the panel.

Collect Reward Points

Every transaction you make will let you earn reward points which can be redeemed for exciting gifts and offers.

How to get started with app?

Fonepay Merchant app is available for download in both Android and iOS.


Install App

Install Fonepay Merchant App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store


Login with your account

Login using your merchant app username and password


Start Rolling!

Start receiving payments from your business and transfer to your account.

Ready to get started as Merchant?

Fonepay is a payment platform that is quick, easy and simple. Register your business with Fonepay Merchant and focus on what you do best-running your business.

link to download Fonepay in google play store
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