100% cashback Every day on Airlines Tickets!!

All you will have to do is buy your flight tickets via your mobile banking app’s Payment section from 25th Baisakh to 14th Jestha, 2079 for a chance to get 100% cashback.


Every week, we will be selecting 7 lucky winners and refunding a total of 7 tickets. (One ticket each) This shall go on for three weeks when we will announce a grand total of 21 winners!


To be eligible for a chance to win -

• Open your mobile banking app

• Go to the Hub Payments section and select “Airlines”

• Check and fill in the flight details

• Make your payment


So, if you’ve got plans to get your plane tickets to go home and cast your vote, there is a chance you could save a lot in your travels.  



1. This Campaign is only valid to citizens of Nepal, except for the employees of F1Soft International and its advertising and promotion agencies. 

2. The campaign is valid on airline ticket booking via Hub payments from the 25th of Baisakh to the 14th of Jestha. The airline payments made before and after the mentioned date will not be eligible for participation. 

3. 7 lucky winners will be selected each week, and a total of 21 winners will be selected in the timeframe of 3 weeks. 

4. The 21 lucky winners of the campaign will be selected through a lucky draw. Each winner will get a cashback worth 1 ticket  

5. The probability of winning increases with the increase in the number of airline ticket bookings via Hub payments. 

6. The organizer shall not be liable for any loss of Prize due to incorrect information such as amount, bank name, account number, email address, or any other information entered by the customers. In case the announced winner doesn't respond to the calls and texts within 48 hours, the prize will be distributed to another winner who will be selected through a lucky draw. 

7. The Organizer reserves the right to change/modify/or withdraw the contest and terms and conditions without any prior notice at its sole discretion. 

8. The decision of the Organizer will be final and binding with regard to Contest and Prizes and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard. 

9. By participating in this Contest, the Participants agree and acknowledge to comply with all the terms and conditions imposed by FONEPAY PAYMENT SERVICE LTD. 

10. The organizer shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to Act of God, Governmental actions, or other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation or otherwise for any such loss. 

11. The Organizer accepts responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from the Prize winnings. The winner doesn’t have to bear applicable government taxes on the prize after the prize has been handed over. However, Fonepay will not bear any additional or personal expenses that occurred due to unexpected scenarios except the package cost.  

12. By participating in this Contest, a Participant unconditionally and irrevocably accepts and agrees to be bound by all these terms and conditions as stated herein at all times without any exception. It is assumed that the participant has read the terms and conditions and shall be held responsible in case of violation of the same.