About Fonepay

Fonepay is Nepal’s largest payment network licensed and regulated by Nepal Rastra Bank as a Payment System Operator (PSO). Fonepay connects Banking and Financial Institutions, Digital Wallets, Consumers, and Merchants in its interoperable network and facilitates various Person-to-Person (P2P) and Person-to-Merchant (P2M) payments and offers other services aligning with instant, easy and convenient money movement.

This interoperable network connects over 60+ partners with over 20mn + registered customers and 1.2mn + merchants in Nepal. Fonepay QR is EMV compliant, which is the most widely accepted standard for QR payments.

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Fonepay is an initiative to enable fast, secure, and reliable cashless payments to bank and wallet customers such as merchant payments, fund transfer, online payments through their mobile phone. We make financial services simple, accessible and affordable through a technology-driven and customer-centric approach.

The company is focused on bringing innovations in the mobile payment network through the use of technology for achieving greater efficiency in operations and widening the reach of payment systems.

The alliances with international network partners (VISA, Union Pay International) provides valuable access to global acceptance footprint and offer world class payment solutions to Fonepay users.

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Core Purpose

Building inclusive financial infrastructure where fintechs can co-create and innovate for economic progress and individual prosperity.

Tiger on a Cliff

Our Core Values (TIGER) standing atop our Culture Pillars (CLIFF)

Tiger on a Cliff

We start with Trust

We are committed to honesty and reliability in all our relationships to ensure that we trust each other and our customers trust us.

A Culture of Collaboration

Individuals work collectively towards a greater common goal by sharing knowledge, ideas, and resources with mutual trust for one another.

We are driven by Integrity

We are guided by the highest moral and ethical standards and take full responsibility of our actions while caring deeply about the outcomes.

A Culture of Learning

Gritty Individuals and teams embrace each challenge and setback as an opportunity to adapt, re-strategize, and grow.

We work with Grit

We strive for excellence and remain focused and resilient to overcome all challenges even when faced with adversity.

A Culture of Innovation

Everyone is focused on creating leading-edge solutions based on empathy by putting customers at the core of everything.

We embrace Empathy

We put ourselves in the shoes of others to understand their feelings and perspectives to create an environment for human-centric relationships and customer-centric innovations.

A Culture that is Fair

Individuals demonstrating Integrity to participate in interactions and decisions that are impartial, unprejudiced, and unbiased.

We stand for Respect

We recognize that every individual is unique and treat everyone with dignity regardless of gender, class, opinion, or creed.

A Culture that is Fun

Individuals feeling valued and treating each other with Respect to nurture a vibrant and inclusive workplace with an enjoyable experience.